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Crystal Horoscopes

Aries: Blue Calcite

Like the peaceful sound of raindrops falling - or soothing smell of a log fire burning - this stunning crystal encourages us to exhale how stressed we are, and inhale how blessed we are. Synonymous with rest, recovery and recuperation, it encourages us to piece together our broken pieces - like a beautiful patchwork quilt - and create something even more wonderful from the fragments of who we were. Turn your sadness and sorrow into a brighter tomorrow by keeping one nearby.

Taurus: Staurolite

With a rich and spellbinding history, these beautiful crystals have captured the hearts of everyone - from presidents and jewellers, to collectors and healers - for years, and were once thought to be the sacred tears of heartbroken fairies and angels. Encouraging us to let go of the people who hurt and abuse us - and reminding us to love and appreciate the people who cherish us - it suggests you may need to distance yourself from someone you love this week.

Gemini: Chrysoberyl (a.k.a. Cat's Eye)

Prized for its magical properties from

as far back as the 18th century, this enchanting crystal is often associated with the Egyptian Goddess Bast, who is thought to have been so devoted to protecting her father, she'd turn into a cat each night to attack his enemies! Like this beautiful goddess - who so selflessly devoted her life to saving and protecting her beloved father - this stunning crystal suggests someone around you may need your love and support this week. 

Cancer: Opal

This beautiful crystal was highly revered by the ancient Arabs, who believed the gem had fallen from heaven during a storm, and captured the lightening on its fall. The gem is even thought to have captured the heart of Queen Victoria - who is said to have laughed off superstitions about it being 'unlucky', and bought her daughters Opals as wedding gifts! As such, it suggests someone may try to influence your feelings about someone around you this week.

Leo: Fire Agate

Like the spine-tingling chill before a volcano erupting - or bubbling tension before a full moon rising - this beautiful crystal suggests there could be a fiery exchange between you and a loved one, friend or colleague this week. Formed during a powerful volcanic eruption millions of years ago, it's thought to cool and calm our anger and rage, and will prevent you from exploding - like a volcano - when someone pushes your buttons this week. 

Virgo: Smoky Quartz

This mesmerising crystal is often associated with the Greek Goddess Hecate, who is thought to have spent her lifetime helping others. Like this beautiful goddess - who so selflessly devoted her life to helping the helpless and loving the loveless - it encourages us to give a voice to the voiceless and empower the powerless. Synonymous with hope, healing and protection, it suggests you may need to help someone who other people have shunned this week.

Libra: Fuchsite

This beautiful crystal has captivated people's hearts and minds for centuries, and is synonymous with health, healing and happiness. Like this beautiful crystal - which so selflessly nurtures and enhances the powers of others - you may have been giving too much of yourself to others lately, and could find yourself feeling very drained as a result this week. Reminding us that 'I love you' begins with 'I', it encourages you to spend some time looking after me, myself and I this week. 

Scorpio: Topaz

Synonymous with hope, courage and healing, this beautiful crystal is often associated with the Egyptian Sun God Ra - who is thought to have died each night as the sun set, only to be reborn as the sun rose each morning. Like this powerful god - who would rise and fall each day - your emotions could be very up and down this week, and you may find yourself feeling as bright as day one minute, and as dark as the night the next. Keep the blues away by wearing a Topaz each day.

Sagittarius: Onyx

Taking its name from the Greek word 'Onux', meaning 'fingernail', this powerful crystal is thought to have been formed when Cupid - having mischievously clipped his mother Venus's toenails - accidentally dropped some of the clippings on the ground. The sacred nails are thought to have been turned into crystals by the gods, forming what we now know as Onyx (hence the name!) As such, it suggests you may need to forgive someone for a past mistake this week.

Capricorn: Aragonite

With a spellbinding history dating back to the 18th century, these beautiful crystals are often referred to as 'floss ferri', meaning 'iron flowers', and encourage us to be as strong as a piece of iron, and as patient as a flower waiting to blossom. Synonymous with patience, it helps us see and appreciate the beauty in others, and will help you keep calm and carry on when someone tests your patience this week. Keep one nearby to keep your patience sky high this week.

Aquarius: Emerald

Capturing the hearts of some of the world's greatest icons - including Elizabeth Taylor, Queen Elizabeth II and Jackie O - this stunning crystal is thought to have been one of Grace Kelly's favourite crystals. In fact, she's thought to have been so enchanted by the crystal that her husband-to-be (Prince Ranier) bought her a 12 carat piece as an engagement ring! Symbolising unconditional love and kindness, it suggests someone may surprise you with their kindness this week.

Pisces: Selenite

Like this beautiful crystal - which can so easily be damaged by its surroundings - you may find yourself feeling very vulnerable around others this week. Encouraging us to love ourselves wholeheartedly - and helping us accept who we are unconditionally - it will help you fall in love with your sensitivity this week. Place one by a photo of yourself as a child - or hold one each night - to help you view yourself and your flaws in a kinder light.


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