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Oceanic Tarot Course - Nines - Week 10

Nine of Cups

Keywords: Happiness, support, love, entertaining, harmony at home, relationships, abundance

Meaning: A wish 

The Nine of Cups is the magical ‘wish’ card of the tarot. When it appears in your reading, you benefit from love, friendship, support in your projects, and harmony at home; all aspects of your life flourish, and you’re feeling content and fulfilled. The only glitch is being a little smug, so be sensitive in your enthusiasm to share your good fortune. An additional meaning is entertaining and socializing.

Advice: You’re perfectly placed to manifest what you dream of, so make your wish.

Nine of Pentacles

Keywords: Luxury, leisure, relaxation, home, abundance, independence, generosity

Meaning: Gratitude
Now is the time to treat yourself to some leisure and luxury – furnishing your home, tending your garden, indulging in your favorite pursuit, or otherwise spending on yourself – as you’ll be feeling rich in time and money. You will love your home, so you may redecorate, re-arrange, bake, and invite others to share your relaxed, comfortable space. 


Devote time and money to your interests and your home. You can be the center of your world, and appreciate all the good things in life just now.

Nine of Swords

Keywords: Panic attack, fear, guilt, insomnia, nightmares, stress, mental overload

Meaning: Anxiety

The Nine of Swords is the anxiety card of the tarot - it reveals trouble beneath the surface that is often expressed through dreams and nightmares. What’s eating you up? You may be anxious due to pressure, overwork, relationship or family issues, or anxiety may be a pattern for you as a ‘worrier.’ On a physical level, it can also show someone not sleeping well due to stress or overthinking.


What ties you in knots at 3 am looks small in the light of day; try to keep perspective when negative thoughts get in the way.

Nine of Wands

Keywords: Determination, challenges, sacrifices, hard work, protection, rigidity, fear

Meaning: Defense
This Nine sees you exerting yourself to the full - protecting your job, your property, or otherwise defending your actions. You may have made sacrifices in the past, and feel that you need to justify these by staying put. However, you may need to ask yourself if you’re holding on too tightly due to fear - is this need for constant vigilance an exhausting habit rather than a free choice?

Protect what is yours by all means, but free up your thinking; create some mental space to plan for the future.


1) Now I would like you to combine the Nine's. Work with them together. Get in touch with their vibrations and meanings.

2) when you feel read combine all the Tarot cards that you have worked with together. Get a feel of all these cards.

When finished with your Tarot Cards, please close your Chakras.

See you for next week 

The Oceanic Tarot


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