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Oceanic Tarot Course - Pages - Week 12

Court Cards

Pages represents a young boy or girl, or child of either sex.

Cups represent light to medium brown hair, hazel eyes, and medium skin.

Pentacles represent white hair. Any colour eyes and fair skin.

Swords represent dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin.

Wands represent fair hair or red hair, blue eyes and fair skin.

Cups love and happiness. 

Pentacles money interests.

Swords struggle and animosity. 

Wands enterprise and distinction. 

Page of Cups

Keywords: Companionship, outings, fun, playfulness, imagination, love news, finances

Meaning: Imagination

A young person, or someone who is young at heart, has much to offer you and others: good company, fun, and friendship. He or she also brings you the message that love is coming your way in the future. When this Page arrives in a reading, your creative projects will also flourish – and so will your finances. An additional meaning is a young psychic.

Advice: Enjoy the lighter side of life, and allow yourself time to play and let your imagination run free

Page of Pentacles

Keywords: Money, messages, communication, work, luck, confidence, optimism

Meaning: Opportunity

The page is a young person or person who is young at heart; they bring you good news about finances, work and education. While the Page does not represent this money alone, he brings you hope that your wish will be granted. An additional meaning of the Page is a pending job offer or, if you are trying to sell a property or move, that this will happen soon – provided you pay attention to the paperwork.

Advice: Look out for offers regarding property and work – there’s a good opportunity on the horizon, but be diligent. Check all contracts carefully.

Page of Swords

Keywords: Complaints, bitchiness, backchat, cutting words, politicking, legal issues, paperwork

Meaning: Gossip

A young person, or person who is young at heart, has a secret agenda. This may take the form of gossip or slander against you; although this Page often appears witty and charming, s/he thrives on attention, and is self-interested and underhand. The card can also show a legal matter, a complaint at work, or the need to sign a contract or other documents.

Advice: Be precise in all your verbal and written communication so that you can’t be misunderstood.

Page of Wands

Keywords: Messages, travel news, communication, new work, expression, transition, entertainment

Meaning: Creativity

This Page is a young person, or someone who is young at heart. Charming and chatty, he brings great news about creative projects, travel plans, and new work. In relationships, he or she  reveals a fun flirtation. An additional meaning of the card is the influence of a creative person - a writer, actor, artist, dancer, or musician - or you discovering your creative potential.

Advice: Now is the time to express yourself - in words, pictures, dance, music, or through any other creative pursuit you enjoy.


1) Now I would like you to combine the Pages. Work with them together. Get in touch with their vibrations and meanings.

2) when you feel read combine all the Tarot cards that you have worked with together. Get a feel of all these cards.

When finished with your Tarot Cards, please close your Chakras.

See you for next week 

The Oceanic Tarot

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