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How to make your Psychic Detox Mineral Bath:

Two handfuls of Sea Salt 

10 mint leaves or 5 drops of essential oils.

10 Sage Leaves or dried Sage.

Fresh Lavender or 5 drops of essential oils.

Pestle & Mortar

Place all the Ingredients into the pestle & mortar and mix them together for about 3 minutes. Whilst mixing say this powerful affirmation in your mind eyes 10 time “I am cleaned of all negative energies and letting go of all blockages”

Then fill the bath with nice warm water and slowly pour in the mixture repeating the affirmation. Once in the bay try to empty your mind, relax and just breathe. You will notice that, one by one frustrating thoughts will wander through your mind to disturb your peace: the guy who cut you off in traffic, the friend who never quite seems happy when good things happen to you, the jealous in-law who gossips behind your back.

As these images appear, examine them from this safe distance, acknowledge them for what they are: toxic, psychic drudge mucking up your space, feeding on your energy. Consider them in a detached way, without judgment or emotion. See them going away as you breath you will feel refresh and energised. 

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