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Tarot Course - Sevens - Week 8

Every week i will help you to connect to the Tarot. This week we look at the Minor Arcana Cards starting with the Sevens  First open your Chakras.

By now you should be starting to get a handle of the cards and a connection is forming. The more you work with them the stronger the connection becomes.


Now pull out all the 7's. Feel the energy of the number 7. Number 7's vibration shows soul development, wisdom, and inner self. Place the cards in your hands and repeat the energy, feel the energy, get a sense of the number 7.

Sevens of Cups

Remove the 7 of Cups. The 7 of Cups designates that you will have trouble making a decision. Narrow your choices using common sense. Do what you must do. An unexpected event will be beneficial to your attitude. A definite change for the better.

Keywords: Fantasy, confusion, choices, dreams, imagination, vision, passion

Meaning: Possibility There are many choices available to you now, but which do you focus on? At this point, there are few facts to help you decide – only a raft of impressions. The danger is you fall for a fantasy, as you have no sense, yet, of what is real, and what you’re idealizing because it fires your imagination. In creative projects, you may be awash with ideas. An additional meaning is dreams and visions.

Advice: Rather than rush toward one option, stand back awhile; wait to see what manifests.

Sevens of Pentacles

Remove the 7 of Pentacles. The 7 of Pentacles shows a cycle of change that will affect your income for the better. It shows growth through hard work. In the process of making a major decision, there will be a good change in your financial situation.

Keywords: Money, perseverance, dedication, work, investment, time, success

Meaning: Potential There’s much to be gained when this Seven appears. It shows that your dedication is beginning to pay off, bringing you a glimpse of the rewards you seek. While you’re not seeing the riches or acknowledgement you dream of yet – you’re just getting by – there is potential for success. This may mean more hard work, sacrifice, time and attention to detail, but the effort will be worthwhile.

Advice: Don’t doubt your abilities or the path you have chosen. Keep going; you’re on track for success.

Sevens of Swords

Remove the 7 of Swords. The 7 of Swords tell us that our plans may not work out the way we planned. One thing after another seems to be going wrong. Bad luck.

Keywords: Theft, negative people, insecurity, intuition, mistrust, decisions, protection

Meaning: Loss
This Seven is known as the 'thief' card of the tarot as it reveals something being taken from you. Often, it validates your suspicions; if your intuition is telling you not to trust, follow it. Investigate the detail rather than agree to an offer until you have evidence that it’s genuine. Also, this card asks you to take extra care of your possessions, and to protect yourself from negative people who drain your energy.

Advice: Protect your assets and examine others' motives carefully - be on your guard.

Sevens of Wands

Remove the 7 of Wands. The 7 of Wands shows you are blessed with inner strength. Shows strong character. You could be under pressure at work or in a situation. You will see things more clearly.

Keywords: Defence, resilience, protection, opposition, territory, force, resistance

Meaning: Endurance

Now, you need to fight for a certain relationship, or protect your integrity on another level as you encounter direct resistance to your plans. Equally, you may find that you need to defend another person who cannot easily protect themselves, or you find yourself speaking up on behalf of a group. An additional meaning is a dispute over territory.

Advice: Say your words loud and clear, then be prepared to negotiate. You have the higher moral ground; with endurance and courage, you will get the result you need.


1) Now I would like you to combine the Sevens. Work with them together. Get in touch with their vibrations and meanings.

2) when you feel read combine all the Tarot cards that you have worked with together. Get a feel of all these cards.

See you for next week 

When finished with your Tarot Cards, please close your Chakras.

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