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Shiona Redmond 

Available for Face-to-Face Readings within Selfridges and Remote Readings

Shiona Redmond 

  • Specialises in: Intuitive Counseling, Psychic Counselling, Aura, Tarot Cards, Psychometry

Thirty minute reading: £80 One hour reading: £150

All readings are available in person and via Video call or Telephone.

Face to face and remote readings: Monday - Tuesday 

Looking for clarity and guidance? Shiona is a naturally gifted tarot reader and was spiritually drawn to tarot cards from a young age, using her intuitive healing & spiritual counselling abilities to help you to grow your own intuition and help you gain clarity and insight into your own life giving you the confidence you need to make informed choices and decisions.

Shiona can assist in the rebalance of chakras and help you to raise your own powerful energetic field, putting your future back in your hands so you are equipped to deal with hurdles.

Shiona loves to work the ancient art of crystal bell sound and high frequency essential oils, to cleanse and help guide you on the right path, offering comfort and reassurance.

Working closely with spirit guides, Shiona will shift and unblock any negative stagnant energies that may be holding you back and allow you to see opportunities and potential path that life has to offer.

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