I love doing healing on my pets, animals are open to all kinds of healing, but hands on is my favorite.

Here are 5 touching techniques you can try on your pets. 

I have listed five techniques for relaxation and for distressing, relaxing and emotional healing.

Use can soothe and comfort your pet when you place your hands on them.

Keep your hands flat, palm down. Hold your fingers and thumbs straight and pressed together. Keep your hands in this position when placing them on your pet.

Techniques For General Relaxation

These touching techniques start at the neck area and then move down your dog’s body. They finish off near the base of his tail.

Hold each hand position for several minutes. Take a deep breath and let your own relaxed vibes seep into your hound.

1. Shoulders

Place your hands side-by-side on your pet shoulders. Both hands can be on one side of your pet if he’s lying down. If he is sitting or standing, place them above each shoulder blade from the back.

2. Midsection

Place your hands side-by-side on your pets belly area if he’s lying down. Place them in the middle of his back, on either side of the spine, if your pet is sitting or standing.

3. Lower Back Area

Place your hands side-by-side on your pets hind area near the base of his tail. Keep hands side-by-side if he’s lying on his side; hold them on either side of his spine if he’s sitting or standing.

Techniques For Emotional Healing

Certain hand positions can help with emotional healing and balance. Here are two you can try.

4. Back and Chest

Place one hand on your pets back between the shoulder blades, the other on his chest.

5. Head and Chest

Place one hand on your pets head and the other on the chest.

You may notice that your pet seems more relaxed and calm after there healing sessions

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