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Bina Seeburrun

Bina Seeburrun

From £80.00

All readings are available in person, via Video call or Telephone within Selfridges: Monday | Thursday | Saturday.

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Bina specializes in Intuitive Counseling | Angelic Reiki | Spiritual Healing.

Thirty Minute Reading £100 | One Hour Reading £190 | Thirty Minute Healing £80 | One Hour Combination Healing & Reading £190

Bina inherited her special qualities from her great-grandfather. She was born with a natural ability off clairvoyant, claire sentience, claire audiences, and mediumship.

Bina is a certified sound and crystal healer. She also offers palmistry readings and works intuitively with the energy of the Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ascending Masters. Their inspirational healing messages come from the higher realm of a place of unconditional and internal love.

 With Bina’s wonderful qualities, she can guide you into the future with clarity, and she will bring forward information relating to your work, relationships, home, health, and other spiritual matters.